Eradicating plastic is a must... And a new book...

Trump has found the culprit in the Ukraine affair: It’s Rick Perry. No, seriously

Back on planet earth, slowing and reversing climate change is necessary to the survival of our civilization, but it might not be sufficient in itself. For that, we also need to largely eradicate plastic. Sharon Lerner and The Intercept are out with a new video that lays out the scope of the challenge. It digs into how the industry has protected itself from scrutiny by making individual people feel like it is their small choices that are driving the problem, or can solve it, when that’s nonsense. Don’t feel guilty; that’s what they want you to feel, and it’s not your fault. It’s them, and they need to be stopped. Video is here.  

Strong Arm Press is out with a very cool new book called “Guts: The Lane Evans Story,” available in paperback and ebook. Lane Evans was a populist Democrat who represented a right-leaning district in Illinois for two decades -- the seat currently held by former health care industry executive Cheri Bustos. Bustos insists that only by being as conservative as a Democrat possibly can be can she hold on to her seat. Lane Evans shows that’s not true. 

Evans, as it happens, was the first lawmaker to endorse Barack Obama, and Obama says that he would not have been president without him. He left Congress after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s; author Devin Hansen knew Evans most of his life, and spent years visiting him and interviewing him in the assisted living facility that became his final home. Here’s Hansen interviewed on Hill TV, and here’s a local story about the book. You can find the book here.