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October 7th, 2019, Jon Schwarz wrote in the "Intercept" this article titled:

"The US Is Now Betraying The Kurds For the Eight Time." (That eight time was the one under Trump.)

And subtitled:

"Nothing in this world is certain except death, taxes, and America betraying the Kurds."


But, as one can read in this same article, the U.S.A. followed other betrayers, because American political leaders and powerbrokers were not the only ones. And this goes all the way back to the aftermath of WW I, where the first US diplomatic betrayal happened at the League of Nations.

All things considered, I started to believe, decades ago, as still believe with conviction now, that Kurds and Palestinians are the unluckiest peoples on Earth.

It is unclear to me why a considerable number of parties that are as keen on doing each other in as are unified in their determination of doing in the Kurds, are expected to come together and sit at a round or oval table and hammer a deal that will be beneficial to each other's sides and also the Kurds, letting them live their lives as if these lives were their own business, rather than hammer each other around and over the table and, when they have a moment, hammering the Kurds as well. It is also unclear to me how a US force of 900, between soldiers and contractors, is relevant to what happens to the Kurds, because I have not have this explained either.

Be that as it may, the dice is probably already cast on the right now unpromising near-future of the Kurds, and all one can really do now is wish them the best of luck.

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