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Interesting although you still promotes the scam of the century -- Russia-gate hoax. The lying team is back in power -- their highest need is that Russia-gate hoax will NOT / will NEVER be resolved.

The lying team could care less about $2k/month retroactively or anything else population needs/wants. Hence there is a need for endless distractions and censorship.

In October 450-page congressional report Amazon has been identified / confirmed as a major and dangerous monopoly. Amazon's WaPo propaganda and censorship on server service is done to prevent any monopoly break-up laws.

Amazon, Tweeter, Facebook, Google are tightly integrated into US huge surveillance apparatus. You will NEVER hear anything in defense of free speech publisher Julian Assange and Ed Snowden.

Of course, DNC and GOP oligarchs are also totally silent on this and other horrors (a la Syria frauds). You and The Intercept are -- stenographer service outfit for US War party...

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